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Landlords- New laws:effective January 1 st 2013

> (AB 2303) concerns the raising of the total resale value of abandoned personal property from $300 to $700. However, the same law also prohibits the landlord from assessing any storage fees if the tenant claims the property within two days of vacating the premises.

>Prohibits landlords from requiring that rent be paid online.

>Landlords may not demand or require cash as the exclusive form of payment of rent for security deposit.

>Landlord and tenant may mutually agree to have the landlord deposit any remaining portion of the security deposit electronically to a bank account.

>Landlords are not permitted to require that tenants declaw or devocalize pets.


Tenants & Foreclosures:
New law SB 1191 prohibits a successor owner or manager from evicting a tenant for nonpayment of rent that accrued during the period when owner fails to provide name, telephone number, and address of the person or entity to whom rent payments shall be made.

  • Bans foreclosures on borrowers who are in loan- modification proceedings.
  • Landlords who have received a notice of default must disclose the notice of default in writing to any prospective tenant prior to executing a lease agreement for the property.
  • Guarantees struggling homeowners a reliable point of contact at their lender.
  • Imposes civil penalties on fraudulently signed mortgage documents.



AB 278 bans banks from practicing “dual tracking” - renegotiating mortgage payments with struggling homeowners while simultaneously pursuing foreclosure against homeowners.


EPA’S Renovation ,
Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) 40 CFR 745

Effective April 2010, a new EPA regulation requires all contractors and others performing renovations on properties constructed prior to 1978, receive a certification by an EPA accredited trainer.

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